Could Bexar County Join “Sanctuary Cities” Lawsuit?

By Elizabeth Ruiz

Could Bexar County soon join the Cities of San Antonio and Austin in challenging the State’s new “Sanctuary Cities” Law?

“We view the status of it all, whether it makes sense to join it… what are the merits of their case” Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff told KTSA’s Trey ware.

Commissioners are expected to discuss the possibility of joining the lawsuit during Tuesday’s Court session.

“If you are having people stopping people… if they run a red light or whatever and you can ask them for their documentation… I don’t know how many more we may end up having to deal with. That’s just not our job” Wolff said in describing his opposition to the law.

“Our job is crime… understand? Crime. That’s what we work on, and many times, undocumented people here are witnesses to crimes” Wolff added.

Wolff also insisted there’s no softness among those challenging the law when it comes to undocumented immigrants who commit crimes.

“If there are undocumented workers who have committed a crime, we’re going to prosecute them to the fullness of the law” Wolff said.


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