Bexar County Joins “Sanctuary Cities” Lawsuit

By Bill O’Neil

Bexar County Commissioners have given a thumbs up to challenging the State’s new “Sanctuary Cities” law.

The decision to file a lawsuit comes despite a recommendation from District Attorney Nico LaHood to wait thirty days in order to decide how the County should proceed with any challenge.

“I think we need to get onboard. We need to send a message” Commissioner Chico Rodriguez said ahead of Tuesday’s vote.

“It’s a sad time that we’re doing what we’re doing in this time… and I think we need to look forward and be proactive” Rodriguez added.

The Commissioner’s thoughts were echoed by his colleagues.

“Everybody seems to forget where in the hell they came from” Judge Nelson Wolff said, adding “We’re all immigrants to this country… all of us are.”

“This is a bad law that was not needed… and was cynical as hell” Commissioner Paul Elizondo said.

“Ask an African-American person… ask a black person what it feels like to be profiled” Elizondo said in making his case.

Commissioner Tommy Calvert said enough is enough.

“We’ve done this to the Irish… we’ve done this to the Chinese… we’ve done this to Catholics” Calvert said, faulting a contentious political climate for this debate has landed–and what it has become.

“There are politicians who will throw red meat on the table just to instigate conflict” Calvert said.

Commissioner Kevin Wolff was not at the meeting, and did not cast a vote. However, the Judge said his son told him by text he supported the recommendation made by the District Attorney, and opposes the County joining the lawsuit.

San Antonio’s City Council has drawn some criticism for discussing the topic behind closed doors, never publicly going on record before the County Attorney decided there was a consensus for joining a lawsuit filed by MALDEF.

“It’s just so sad to see where we’re headed today and Texas being the leader in this” Wolff said.



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