Should Big Companies Pay for “Transportation Alternatives?”

The City of San Antonio is looking at a proposal that would require larger employers to offer employees alternative transportation options to get to and from work.

“It’d be a program that we’d take on proactively as a choice to do so before it’s mandated by the federal government,” Councilman Ron Nirenberg told KTSA News.

He said this idea is already in use by some employers, like USAA.

“There are options for employers to utilize that cost nothing,” and others that cost something, he said, but each would help air quality…something San Antonio is fighting to maintain.

San Antonio is the last large city to be in air attainment under the old federal standards, but “the new (federal air) standards that just went into effect, we’re not in attainment of those,” Nirenberg said.

“Now is the time to start doing something,” Councilman Joe Krier said of the concerns regarding air quality standards.

But Krier said he’s uncomfortable with a mandate on employers, before we know what the feds will impose on the city.

“It would cost money, and that money is always passed on to the consumer in one form or another, in the way of higher costs of services or higher cost of goods,” he said.

San Antonio will likely go out of clean air attainment by the end of 2017.


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