Big Raises for Justices of the Peace

Another big pay raise for Bexar County Justices of the Peace–and it’s not sitting at all well with Commissioner Paul Elizondo.

“They made out like bandits–and they are” Elizondo said after learning the Justices will get a nearly 16% pay increase–after asking the County’s Salary Grievance Committee for a nearly 23% jump.

That increase comes a year after the Justices of the Peace were awarded 8% pay raises.

“Being attorneys and everything else, these guys know how to argue a point and drum it home” Elizondo said.

Now, the Commissioner wants to take action, insisting the workload for the Justices does not justify their salaries.

“These positions… in San Antonio… are not that active” Elizondo said, adding “We may be… if we don’t get in trouble–looking at eliminating the part-time positions in three of the precincts.”


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