Big Wins in WI for Cruz, Sanders

MILWAUKEE (AP) – Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is looking ahead to November, saying he wants to deliver Wisconsin for Republicans for the first time in 32 years.

Cruz won the state Tuesday and talked to supporters in Milwaukee.

Wisconsin has not voted for a Republican for president since Ronald Reagan in 1984. But Cruz says he will be the first Republican since then to win Wisconsin and paint the Badger State “bright Republican red.”

He is ending his victory speech with a warning to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. Cruz says: “Hillary, get ready. Here we come.”

Meanwhile, ┬áBernie Sanders’ win in Wisconsin will net him a handful of additional delegates, but he still lags Hillary Clinton by a big number.

With 86 delegates at stake, Sanders will pick up at least 44. Clinton will gain at least 28.

He still must win 67 percent of the remaining delegates and uncommitted superdelegates in order to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

Based on primaries and caucuses alone, Clinton now has 1,271 delegates to Sanders’ 1,024.

When including superdelegates, or party officials who can back any candidate, Clinton has a wider lead – 1,740 to 1,055.

It takes 2,383 to win.



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