Bioscience Company Moving to S.A.

By Pilar Arias

Bioscience company Pelican Therapeutics is preparing the move its headquarters to San Antonio.

CEO Rahul Jasuja said it economically made sense to build a lab linked to a $15 million Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas grant in the medical center.

” We’re cutting edge. We could potentially treat patients that are refractory, or don’t respond, to what’s available right now,” Jasuja said.

San Antonio’s city council will vote on an incentive package for the company on Sept. 21. The package includes a grant of up to $200,000 based on the creation of 22 new full-time jobs within five years.

Those interested in apply for positions can visit the company’s website

Jasuja said most of the company’s work is currently being done in North Carolina and Austin, but that will change in the coming weeks.

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