Should We Blame This Guy For Everything?

This guy.

Jordan Garnett is his name, and being a central Florida fan of the Cowboys is his game.

He inked up his right upper arm with the Cowboys star and the legend “Super Bowl LI Champions”.

Says he can prove he got the tat on December 6th, and yes, it’s real.

He’s getting smack, not only from people who love to hate the ‘Boys, but from Dallas fans who think he jinxed the team that just missed on Sunday, losing to Green Bay 34-31. Check out his Twitter feed. You’d think his name was Jordan Trump or something.

“Jinxed”? Really?

I guess you should be mad at Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, too (and go ahead, I often am). They only mentioned the Cowboys’ paltry record of two playoff wins in the last 20 years about 9000 times on Fox.

I’m pretty sure a guy named Aaron had more to do with Sunday’s outcome than Jordan.

If you know anything about Roman numerals, you know he can still save his tattoo, if the Cowboys win Super Bowl LII or LIII, or LIX. He just has to go in for a touch-up job. And not work out too much.

Come to think of it, I’d say Dak and his team are very likely to be in one or more of those games, and then who knows?

Be patient, Jordan, and keep the faith.

It’s not a mistake. It’s a down payment.



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