Border Group Continues Opposition to Wall Plan

Missed opportunities.

That’s just what one advocacy group along the Southern Border heard in President Donald Trump’s first address to Congress Tuesday Night.

“No one cares more about the Border than those of us who live on the Border, work on the Border, and raise our families on the Border” Monica Weisberg-Stewart with the Texas Border Coalition told KTSA News, sounding what has become a growing frustration with the Trump Administration over those plans for building a wall along the Southern Border.

“We have a river. We have a natural barrier that has water in it in the Rio Grande. So, where does that wall actually go? Are we going to cede land back to Mexico because of the space between the wall and the river?” Weisberg-Stewart asked.

She also said such a wall has the potential for creating some logistical nightmares.

“We have some cities down on the Border where all of the plumbing and all of the water would be on the other side of the wall. So, what it is going to be? A gated community?” Wesiberg-Stewart wondered.

In the end, she said the White House needs to focus on getting the most “border security band for the buck”–which just might begin with a bigger focus on immigration reform.

“We continue to request this Administration listen to the local individuals” Weisberg-Stewart said.



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