Border Wall Plans Remain Vague

The Trump Administration continues to push forward with plans for a wall along the Southern Border–but at this point, those plans are still raising more questions than answers.

“What it will look like… how tall it will be… how thick it will be… what color it will be… is yet to be determined” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told a U.S. Senate Panel Wednesday Morning.

“All we know is that physical barriers do work if they’re put in the right places” Kelly added, raising yet another question–where will we see the wall?

“It’s unlikely that we will build a wall–a physical barrier–from sea to shining sea” Kelly said.

In the end, the Secretary said it will be up to the experts enforcing immigration law on the Border to decide exactly where portions of the wall will be built.

“I committed to putting it where the men and women (Immigration Officers) say we should put it” Kelly said.

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