The Boy Scouts, Trump, Eminem and The End of The World


The older you get, the more false alarms you’ve seen.

Lately, I hear a lot of dire talk about how this person or that development will “permanently”, “incurably” or “fatally” change us, our nation, our society, etc. etc.

Just Wednesday, for example:

Item #1: The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) will phase-in girls from the Cub to Eagle Scouts level. At first blush, I don’t like it, because I’m tired of so-called “social justice warriors” who ” 1. Identify a respected institution. 2. kill it. 3. gut it. 4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.” (says David Burge, who blogs as Iowahawk)

But then…if BSA wants or needs more membership, or is meeting the needs of kids and families, who am I to knock it? It’s probably bad news for Girl Scouts, with whom they could instead partner (more). But whether it’s the best thing for kids, or for BSA, it’s a change. It’s not…the end of the world.

We should value gender differences, not blur them. Doing so helps make men all that women want them to be, and vice versa.  But all kinds of kids should have all kinds of cool opportunities. Maybe that’s what will happen, maybe not. And it would appear that if this is a big mistake, there will be a market oppportunity for a newly-chartered organization that gets or puts it right. BSA dates back to 1910, and GSA began in 1912. So, it’s time.

Item #2: “Eminem Attacks Trump”, said a gazillion headlines. Actually, a rapper dissing a president is so…traditional… that I’d almost expect Eminem to cover a Bing Crosby tune next. This is even news?

But look more closely, and you’ll see what the artist formerly known as Marshal Mathers really did: he told his fans they had to choose between being with him and being with Trump.

Which means that he suspects, correctly, that there’s overlap between Trump voters and Eminem followers.

Now, let’s see if people actually make that choice. I mean, do they have to? Why?

When you fall in love with music, or any art form, do you check first to see if you’re compatible (politically or otherwise) with the artist?

I just fall. I think most people do.

It’s all just freedom in action, on a Wednesday in October 2017.





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