Brady Not Wavering on American Health Care Act

He just might be the controversial American Health Care Act’s biggest Republican backer in the U.S House–and Houston-area Congressman and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady isn’t backing off.

“House Republicans successfully moved forward in our promise to dismantle Obamacare’s crushing taxes and mandates… and begin to return control to the states, and return power to individuals” Brady said Friday Morning.

The plan has derisively been dubbed “Obamacare Light” by some conservatives.

“President Trump called on Congress to save Americans from Obamacare–and this week, House Republicans continues to deliver on that promise” Brady said.

While many Washington watchers suggest the bill–as is–won’t have enough votes to pass through the U.S. Senate–Brady insists the plan is the right fit for Americans–and right replacement for Obamacare.

“Our solution includes reforms long-championed by conservatives… including tax credits, expanded health savings accounts” Brady said.


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