Brady Sees Both Health Care and Tax Reform This Year

By Bill O’Neil

A powerful U.S. House Committee Chairman is convinced the Affordable Care Act will be replaced–and we will see tax reform–this year.

“I’m pleased the Senate is moving forward with their solutions to make health care more affordable, to begin to restore state’s rights and a free market” House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady said.

Brady was a key figure in the effort mounted in the House earlier this year to replace Obamacare. The Houston-area Republican is convinced this effort will pay off.

“I’m looking forward to them (Senators) continuing to improve the bill at every step and get it back to the House” Brady said.

Meanwhile, Brady is also convinced another big reform effort isn’t all that far away from being completed.

“I continue to work with President Trump’s tax team in the Senate to get toward a unified tax reform plan to be passed this year” Brady said, adding “We’re going bold… we’re going permanent–so our businesses and families can count on it–and we’re going now in 2017” the Congressman said.

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