What Does Brexit Mean in America?

The British voters have spoken–and their country will Brexit.

But what does that mean for politics here in the United States.

Rice University Political Science Chair and Baker Institute Fellow Mark Jones told KTSA News the American impact shouldn’t be overstated–but Donald Trump is clearly the biggest winner on this side of the pond.

“That fits Trump’s narrative of while the media may be against him, the business elites are against him–the population in the end will vote for him” Jones said of the vote.

The most measurable impact could come in November–if the British vote leads to an economic downturn in Europe and around the globe.

“Negative economic conditions in Europe–when combined with China and the United States which aren;t performing well–could lead to a global slowdown” Jones said, again adding that would be a circumstance that would benefit Trump.

As for the impact on the Texas Independence movement–which said it was watching the results very closely–Jones isn’t moved.

“It is something for them to use as a way to get some attention–but, we’re ot seeing Texas independence any time in the near future” Jones said.


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