Cruz: Patrol Muslim Neighborhoods

The Visa Waiver program and America’s immigration policy overall are back in the spotlight in the Presidential Race in the aftermath of Tuesday’s terror attacks in Belgium.

Donald Trump is again raising questions over those being allowed to enter the United States, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz is doing the same.

In fact, Cruz has issued a statement saying it’s time to empower police to patrol Muslim neighborhoods and secure them–before they become radicalized.

“When Europe’s immigration policies allow radical Islamic terrorists to make Europe their home… we absolutely need to re-visit our immigration policies across the board to prevent radical Islamic terrorists from coming to America” Cruz told reporters hours after the bombings in Brussels, which have left dozens of people dead.

“The attack in Brussels is in many ways the fruit of a failed immigration policy in Europe” Cruz said.

The Senator also used the attacks in Belgium to again question Trump’s commitment to support Israel.



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