In Cali, Black Dorms Matter (reposted from 9/6/16)

They told me if I lived long enough, I’d see everything.

I didn’t think I had already lived long enough.

CalState/Los Angeles this week joins UC Berkeley and UC Davis as schools offering segregated blacks-only housing.

Only this time, see, it’s a goooooood thing. 

I know what you’re thinking—they told us that this kind of $&*# would happen if we elected a Republican president!

Did I miss a news bulletin somewhere? Did the Supreme Court overturn the Brown case just before Justice Scalia vacationed at the Sleepy Tyme ranch?

By the way, Cal says we should avoid calling it “segregated”.

The new name for it is a “black scholars living-learning community”. If only Orval Faubus had thought of that.

So is this a good idea, or a new name for an old, bad idea? If you can choose it instead of being forced into it, does that make it less, um, segregated?

Take it away, Niger Innis of CORE:

“If they wanted to go to an all-black institution, there are plenty of historically black colleges…But if they want to go to an institution that is racially-diverse…then diversity and integration are part of it.

“To have university-sanctioned segregation or separation is, to me, troubling.” 

Troubling. Sad. Strange.

Or, as they say in university NewSpeak, circa 2016, it’s “enhanced”.




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