Call to End Vehicle Inspections in TX

A State Senator is leading a push to end the vehicle inspection requirement in the Lone Star State.

“Millions of Texas drivers are currently forced to endure a needless chore each year” said State Senator Don Huffines at the State Capitol in Austin Thursday.

The Senator said it’s a question he has been studying for months–leading him to file his bill to end the practice.

“After more than two years of careful research and information gathering–I can stand before you today and confidently say that the so-called vehicle safety inspection that drivers must obtain every year does nothing to make our roads safer” Huffines said, adding “Even the insurance industry has confirmed there’s no correlation between inspections and safety.”

In the end, Huffines said the inspection requirement only robs time from every Texan–and cash from those who can least afford to lose it.

“Without any benefit, it’s clear that these inspections are nothing more than a needless tax on Texans’ time and money” Huffines said.


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