Campbell Pushing for Annexation Bill as Part of a Special Session

By Elizabeth Ruiz

State Senator Donna Campbell is hoping Governor Greg Abbott will include an annexation bill as part of any call for a special session of the Texas Legislature.

“People who believe they should have the right to vote before they’re annexed by a big city need to have their voices heard by the Governor… and ask him to put it on a special call” Campbell told KTSA’s Trey Ware.

“If it’s an area of greater than two-hundred people, there had to be a vote… you just had to have a vote, and election.. the cities hated it (the bill)” Campell said.

The measure met its end in the Senate thanks to a filibuster engineered by Senator Jose Menendez. Much of the concern critics have voiced is about protecting the land around military bases across Texas.

“They’re using the bases as an excuse to just mark out more land that cities can take without people voting… without their voice” Campbell said.

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