Can Republicans Really Keep Their Promises?

By Don Morgan

A group of Republican Lawmakers have come out with a promise…to live up the the promises they have made to the American people.

The Republican Study Committee says by the end of the year they will repeal and replace Obamacare, enact new tax codes and increase border security.

While their ambition can be called admirable by some, it’s not going to be easy….at all.

Brandon Rottinghaus at the University of Houston says when government puts a policy in place, especially one as large as Obamacare, getting rid of it is nearly impossible.

He says the Republican party is divided on many issues, especially the Affordable Care Act and bringing key Party members in to the plan will be a hard sell.

“Just trying to pass any piece of legislation takes months of back and forth. This isn’t going to happen overnight, if if happens at all.”

Rottinghaus says in order to get these new policies through, it’s going to take strong and consistent leadership from the White House and time to really develop policies that are acceptable to all the stakeholders and to Congress.



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