Can SOTU Boost Clinton Campaign?

Can President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union Address give Hillary Clinton’s Campaign for President a jump start?

“Hillary Clinton must be our next President–we can’t undo the progress we’ve made in the last eight years” said former State Senator and one-time Democratic Candidate for Governor Wendy Davis, speaking with KTSA News on behalf of the Clinton Campaign.

From education to healthcare to foreign policy–and more–Davis insisted Clinton remains the right fit for the job.

“All of these things are things of course that Hillary Clinton has been talking about on the campaign trail as well” Davis said, dismissing polls that continue to suggest voters are looking to make a big change in November “At the end of the day, we need a driver in that seat who understands how to build upon that progress, and to continue it. That person is Hillary Clinton.”

More specifically on that seeming call for change, Davis said the spotlight should be on the GOP Presidential Hopefuls.

“When you look at Hillary’s record, I don’t think anyone could say that she has been a part of the problem” Davis said, adding “We’ve heard so much vitriol from candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz about how bad things are here.”

Davis also added her belief that Clinton is the most bi-partisan candidate in the race on either side.

“She’s committed to working across the aisle, and to making sure she’s bringing in leaders from both parties to accomplish the goals of the American People” Davis said.

Polls this week show Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is picking up momentum–even leading Clinton among Democrats in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Davis chalks that up to Sanders–who has vowed to put up a big fight against Clinton in Texas–tapping in to what she sees as a growing frustration over “income inequality” in America.

“The question I think we’ll have to ask ourselves when we go and vote in this Primary is who is best able to get something done about that?” Davis said.



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