Candidates For Sheriff Debate

All four candidates for Bexar County Sheriff on one stage Monday night.

For about an hour, Sheriff Susan Pamerleau, Javier Salazar, Larry Ricketts, and James Dorsey debated the issues and challenges of the Bexar County Sheriffs Officer, including jail suicides.

“One death is too much,” Sheriff Pamerleau said. “The focus that we have on mental illness, on safety and security of individuals that are in the jail, is paramount.”

“I agree, one death is too many,” challenger Javier Salazar said. “The fact is that 20 people have actually died in the Bexar County jail under Sheriff Pamerleau’s administration.”

The four talked about the concern surrounding deputy arrests as well.

“What would tarnish this agency is if we didn’t hold people accountable,” Sheriff Pamerleau said. She insists the office does hold its own accountable.

Salazar said this issue needs to be addressed “through a combination of recruitment of the right kind of folks, the right kind of training, and the right kind of policies and procedures that are in place that send that message that it’s something that is not acceptable.”

The four also talked about response times in the county and officer morale.

The debate was broadcast live on News 4 San Antonio.



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