Castro: WH Distractions Make it Hard to Get Anything Done

By Don Morgan

It’s been one distraction after another for Congress but he’s optimistic things will change.

Congressman Joaquin Castro talked to KTSA about what seems to be a lack of stability in the White House.

Castro avoided direct criticisms of the President but did say the chaos makes it difficult to get any policy work done.

“When you have that type of staff turn over in the White House, it creates a lot of distraction. We aren’t able to build a good working relationship with the President and when that happens, we can’t stay focused on policy.”

Castro pointed to the recent failure of a health care bill as a prime example and feels it’s going to be more of the same when it comes to overhauling the tax system.

However, he is optimistic that new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly will bring some stability.

“I’m hopeful that he will be successful and he will if the President allows him to do his job. President Trump is a big personality and he likes to micro-manage and that prevents some staff members from doing their job effectively. That’s tough to do, especially when you have no prior experience in a political office.”

Castro has a lot of confidence is Kelly and feels his appointment will make for a much smoother White House.



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