“Cite and Release” for Bexar Pot Arrests?

The Sheriff and District Attorney of Bexar County are working on a plan to ease the penalties for people caught with a small amount of pot.

D.A. Nico LaHood says he and the Sheriff have teams of people working on the “cite and release” plan which would give officers the discretion as to whether or not the charge someone holding a small amount of marijuana.

He says the amount of paperwork involved in charging someone with a couple of joints takes officers off the streets for hours.

LaHood says sometimes good people make bad choices and a couple of joints is no reason to ruin their lives.

Don’t start holding yet though. LaHood says there are still tons of details to work out before the plan can go into effect. He highlights issues like where to hold court for people who haven’t been summonsed and how much is a small amount.

Of course LaHood notes the penalties for people with prior charges will be stiffer and the “cite and release” plan would be for first time offenders to be held accountable.


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