City to Join “Sanctuary Cities” Lawsuit

By KTSA News Staff

The City of San Antonio will join a lawsuit being led by MALDEF against the State’s newly enacted “Sanctuary Cities” law.

The suit could be filed as soon as Thursday–about a week after City Council met behind closed doors to talk about the possibility of joining the legal action.

“The City Attorney has advised us that the City Attorney has the authority to file lawsuits for the City… if he believes there’s a consensus of Council to do that” Councilman Joe Krier told KTSA’s Trey Ware when asked about the process of reaching an agreement to join the suit.

While he can’t legally speak about the meeting, Krier said there was clear consensus among his colleagues on joining the lawsuit.

“I think that’s a mistake. I think that’s something that should be voted on in the light of day by the entire Council” Krier said.

“I am opposed to the decision of a majority of my City Council colleagues to join the lawsuit against the state’s so-called sanctuary cities law, and I expressed my opposition in executive session last week” Mayor Ivy Taylor said in a statement obtained by KTSA News.

“My approach to any litigation is to consider not only the merits of the case but also the interests of the residents and taxpayers of San Antonio” the Mayor added, stating her belief the decision to join the suit should have been made in coordination with other large Texas cities.   

The decision comes with a significant push from Councilman Rey Saldana.

“There is a violation of what we believe the 4th Amendment calls for–which is a sanction against unreasonable search and seizures” Saldana said.

“We’re going to ask a Judge in a courtroom to give us a ruling as to whether it’s constitutional or not” Saldana told Ware, adding “We believe it (the law) isn’t. I believe it’s discriminatory.”

Saldana insisted the suit will be led by MALDEF, and the City will be a client under the suit. He also said no San Antonio taxpayer money will be spent on the lawsuit.



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