City Waiting for Next Move From Google

San Antonio’s City Council members hear the latest on Google Fiber here, but they didn’t hear from Google directly.

Instead, the update came from city staff working with Google on the fiber deployment project.

“Google has informed us that they’re reevaluated their network deployment in San Antonio,” Deputy City Manager Peter Zanoni said. “They’re close to being final in the completion of their analysis and plans. In two to three weeks, they will share those with us.”

Zanoni thinks Google might be looking at a less intrusive, less timely, and less costly approach.

“They’ve maintained to us their commitment” to finishing the job here, he said.

In the meantime, the city has stopped vetting alternate sites for the Google huts, until Google gives some direction.

“They understand that those eight locations are off the table and they also understand that we are willing to work with them to look at alternative sites (for the huts),” Mike Frisbie said.



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