Clinton VS Trump One More Time

Here we go again. Another debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump is on tap tonight.

We asked Brandon Rottinghaus at the University of Houston what can Trump do to recover from the video tape scandal.

“He has to put forward a good quality, clear closing argument about why people should vote for him. This could give those who have stopped supporting him a reason to get back into the fold.”

Hilary Clinton has had yet another email scandal unfold this week and Rottinghaus says it comes at a time when Clinton could have had the election wrapped up.

“The issue though is whether or not she can be able quell that damage and to be able to pivot to the issues that she thinks are important and to talk more about the role of credibility and experience as part of her advantage to serve as President.”

You can listen to the debate tonight on 550 KTSA and FM 107.1.


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