Comey Renews Debate Over Encryption

The FBI Director renews the debate over “encryption” during a stop at the University of Texas.

It’s a debate that has been going on in the aftermath of the San Bernardino Terror Attack–with the feds trying to break the encryption around the phone used by one of the terrorists.

Apple took its case against cooperating with those efforts to the public–after federal authorities got the courts involved in the fight.

“Look… one of the worlds I can imagine… I don’t know whether this makes sense… a requirement that if you’re going to sell a device or market a device in the United States, you must be able to comply with judicial process… you figure out how to do it” Comey said Thursday Morning, admitting his interests are a bit different than those of companies looking to sell products and win shares of the market.

“As those devices become off limits to judicial authority–that’s a change in the way we live” Comey said.

“My job is to worry about public safety. Their job is to worry about innovating and selling more units… I totally get that” Comey said.

The FBI Director said it’s not for him–or for companies to decide unilaterally what the process and proper standards should be–but said it is a discussion we need to have–and a question we need to answer–sooner rather than later.

“We can’t have this conversation after something really bad happens” Comey said.


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