Commissioners Approve Grant to Hire Tech Recruitment Officer

By Bill O’Neil

Will a new Chief Talent Recruitment Officer help even the tech sector playing field for the San Antonio area?

Bexar County Commissioners are hoping so after approving a $180-thousand grant to help create and fund the position over the next two years.

“Communities like Nashville, Raleigh-Durham and Oklahoma City are all making huge investments in building out their tech scene and ecosystems” Tech Bloc CEO David Heard tod commissioners ahead of Tuesday Morning’s vote.

Heard pointed to recent research suggesting the area is beginning to fall further behind when it comes to tech and recruiting the workers needed to make the sector go. He also said its a battle the San Antonio area must win.

“Economists measure that hiring one software developer results in the creation of 4.3 additional jobs in other non-tech industries across a city” Heard said.

Commissioner Kevin Wolff likes the approach.

“We are actually feeling that here at the County right now… we’re going through some major changes within our own IT department” Commissioner Wolff said.

Commissioner Tommy Calvert also voted in favor of the grant–but said others must do more to help close the talent gap as well.

“First of all, our high schools really have to get serious about the IT certifications that are needed at the very entry level–which they can achieve” Calvert said.


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