Commissioners Back Wolff’s Push for Veteran’s Transition Center

By Bill O’Neil

Bexar County Commissioners have lined up behind Kevin Wolff’s push for a military to civilian transition program and transition center in the San Antonio area.

“The goal is six months inside the gate and six months outside the gate” Wolff said in describing how he’d like to see the program work–starting when a member of the military is about six months away from leaving the service, and continuing until about six months after that vet has been discharged.

“We want these folks that have been well trained coming back and moving in to our society in a good manner” Wolff said.

Commissioner Paul Elizondo said such a program may have been useful to him when he left the Marine Corps.

“There was a couple months of what do I do next Elizondo said.

Judge Nelson Wolff said he likes the focus the proposal puts on finding jobs for those vets.

“I really think that job piece… is the key one” the Judge said.

Commissioner Wolff is hoping the program and facility will be a reality in 2018.

“The idea is to open this facility next year… November 11th” Wolff said.



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