Commissioners Slam Property Tax Relief Push

By Bill O’Neil

The upcoming fight at the State Capitol over “property tax relief” is drawing some frustration from Bexar County Commissioners.

Specifically, the County is frustrated over what looks to be the State’s shifting of more funding for public education to local taxpayers–which will cause local tax bills to rise.

“In the past, the State of Texas paid 45% of the school budget–today it’s 38%–and they’re passing it on to property owners by mandating it and enforcing it through the Texas Comptroller’s Office as a hidden tax” Commissioner Tommy Calvert said.

The County’s Management and Finance Director said the shuffle will be felt.

“For 2017, they’re projecting a 7% increase, in 2018 a 6.77% increase (in local tax revenue for schools” said Seth McCabe, adding “They’re relying completely on local property tax bill collections to grow during the next two years.”

For his part, Calvert said he plans on brining a resolution for the Court to consider during its next meeting.

“While the Lieutenant Governor runs on a bumper sticker that (says) I lowered your taxes–which is actually now a complete falsehood–they’re on record” Calvert said, pointing to a specific page in the State’s plan.


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