Commissioners to Talk About Vet Transition Program

By Pilar Arias

Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff is hoping Tuesday he’ll get to bring to light a project he said has been worked on for six months.

He’d like to establish a three-year pilot program to aid in the successful transition of discharged service members.

“The way to envision it is this would be a career-life counselor who would sit down with an individual and find out exactly what their needs are,” Wolff said.

The goal is to reach service members six months prior to them getting out of the military, and assist them at least six months after they are out.

Wolff said there are 30 service members leaving Fort Sam Houston daily and county officials are only reaching about 20 percent of them. He doesn’t want to see any more veterans get lost or fall through the cracks, he said.

The program doesn’t yet have a name, but Wolff is hoping it can get started in January with an actual grand opening of a service center by next May.


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