Conference Focuses on ‘Emerging Threats’

A military conference at Fort Sam Houston this week focusing on regional security threats.

Eight Army Generals or Commanders and their country’s police leaders from eight Central American countries and United States Army South Commanders are talking about “emerging threats,” during the three day conference.

“We like to talk about combating transnational organized crime, but the bottom line is in each one of these countries they view the threat as different,” Major General K.K. Chinn said.

Chinn is the U.S. Army South Commanding General, headquartered at Fort Sam Houston.

Military and security representatives from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Belize, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic are in San Antonio for the conference, focusing on the threats that pose security and stability dangers in the Central America Region.

Chinn said one topic this week will be the concern about the Jihadist threat.

“We have to be very, very concerned about the illicit trafficking that goes on and the cartels and the drug networks,” he said.

Chinn told reporters the U.S. commanders are helping the other countries understand the emerging threat, “then help them, so that they can get after the challenges, as we see them.”

And he said the cooperation is great, among the eight countries and the United States.

“As Army commanders and police commanders, they’re responsible for what? No different than our country: internal security, external security or border security, along with, most importantly, citizen security,” Chinn said.

The Central American Regional Leaders Conference ends Thursday.



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