Congress on Brussels Attack

Not good enough. So says Congressman Will Hurd in the aftermath of Tuesday’s terror attack in Brussels.

We’ve got to do more against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. We’ve got to get the Russians on board in really fighting against ISIS” Hurd told KTSA News, adding “ISIS wants to come and attack the United States of America. That’s part of their plan. We need to be doing everything to stop that scourge.”

Hurd discounted calls to close the Southern Border, calling it a knee-jerk reaction… but he did tell KTSA News President Obama’s leadership in the fight against ISIS simply isn’t good enough right now.

“Absolutely not. Instead of being on a family vacation in Cuba, he should be in Europe working with our European allies on how to solve the problem in Syria. He should be drumming up support” Hurd said.

Congressman Henry Cuellar told KTSA News the fight against ISIS clearly needs to be a team effort.

“This is why we have to make sure Europe and other countries… and the United States… that we work together” Cuellar said, pressing a call for all countries to share intelligence in the fight.

Congressman Lamar Smith said priority one right now is protecting the Homeland.

“That means enforcing our immigration laws. That means passing new laws… perhaps better screening of refugees from Syria” Smith said.


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