Congressman Castro Defends Clinton Campaign

Mudslinging and divisive presidential politics, concerning to Congressman Joaquin Castro.

“One of the big reasons that people who aren’t into politics don’t go vote is because they think it’s just a bunch of finger-pointing,” he said and admitted he gets why that’d turn people off.

“But we also have the realize that the stakes are of the highest nature here.”

A Hillary Clinton supporter, Castro said she’s more qualified than Donald Trump.

“He’s just unfit to be President,” Castro insisted.

Wikileaks exposed an email from a Clinton campaign boss telling her to focus on “needy Latinos.” Castro doesn’t know if that email has been proved authentic.

“All of it was done by Russian hackers who seem to be working to get Trump the Presidency,” he said.

But, if that email is proven real: “he could’ve used better language,” he said, adding Trump has openly said worse this election season.


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