Constables Unhappy With County Budget

A few controversial issues or changes found in the Bexar County budget proposal.

Namely, “dealing with Constables and JPs because of a reduced workload,” Judge Nelson Wolff told KTSA News.

He said the changes to the Constable’s offices are possible.

“The big change is we’re (proposing) cutting a number of positions under the proposed budget,” he said.

“It would basically take about half the officers away over two years and take away their county cars and force them to drive in their personal cars,” Precinct 3 Constable Mark Vojvodich said.

He said this would affect public safety in the county.

“That would definitely interfere with our constitutional duties and it would be a step towards abolishment, doing it improperly,” he said.

Wolff said the case load has dropped: “it’s appropriate to make some cuts.”

Commissioners vote on the budget on September 13th.

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