Consumers Re-thinking All of This Technology?

Will 2017 be the year we all take a step back–and take stock of what all of this technology has meant to our lives?

New research conducted by Ford suggests that just might happen.

“There are people out there that will tell you that technology has made us more impatient… less polite as a society… that it’s contributing to a sedentary lifestyle” Ford’s Global Trend and Futures Manager Sheryl Connelly told KTSA News.

In fact, Connelly said a surprising number of young people admitted to something many of us wouldn’t even think about–breaking up with someone by text message.

“67% of the people we spoke to around the world–aged between 18 and 29–said yes” Connelly said, adding the report shows a growing sense of frustration with how messages are being delivered in our world these days.

“80% of the people we spoke to in nine different countries said today media outlets cover more opinion than objective news coverage” Connelly said, also pointing out that frustration extends to social media as well.

When it comes to cars and the automotive industry, Connelly said what used to be a “status symbol” in our lives is also starting to be seen much differently.

“For many, a car is just simply a ride. It’s just a means to get from point a to point b” Connelly said.

That has Ford starting to take some different approaches in its industry as the time goes by.

“We’re exploring things like bike rentals, shuttle services, car sharing, ride sharing–or, even car pooling models” Connelly said.


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