You May Want to Watch This Speaker Tonight

I’m not sure how closely you are following the Cleveland RNC, or if the speakers are talking to the people in the room and only “political junkies” who watch on TV.

So far there have been emotional and passionate speeches given by Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell who went off telepromter to speak to America from his heart about the dangers facing our country and our need for strong leadership to stop the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism.

Pat Smith, mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith told how Hillary Clinton lied to her face about the cause of the attack which claimed the life of her brave son.

Rudy Giuliani supported law enforcement in the US.  Everyone cheered as Sheriff David Clarke did the same when he said, “Blue lives matter!”

And then there were the plagiarism charges that swirled around the well-received speech given by Donald Trump’s immigrant wife Melania.

On Tuesday, Dr. Ben Carson and Governor Chris Christie were featured as Donald Trump formally received the nomination.

If the RNC goal is to fire up the base then this line-up has done a pretty good job.

There is a speaker scheduled for Wednesday who has the potential to be a rock star and go beyond just exciting the base.  In fact, he has the potential to reach some who are outside the fold.

Darrell Scott is pastor of New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland.  I have only heard him speak a few times, but I like what I have heard.  He has a clear message.  He is articulate. He speaks directly to the issues which concern most Americans.  He knows Donald Trump and offers insights into the man behind the public persona.

Here is a sample of Pastor Scott as he introduced Donald Trump.

And another as he gives a preview of Wednesday night’s speech.

He is scheduled to speak at 8:10pm central time Wednesday night.


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