Cool Poems by Sean Rima #5.



The young man,
young enough to be
my son, with
dark olive skin in
good Army
his wife
goodbye, as
the boy
wraps his arms
around his daddy’s
legs, then the

warrior nods,
one last time,
w/tears in his

eyes, and hoisting
his pack high upon
his shoulder, he
steps into the
security line w/out

looking back,

and I mumble,
to myself, a half-

“Thank you,”


somewhat small.




Carlos Danger and the Girl in the Mirror.


She aims
her ripe young ass
at the mirror and
takes a
with a smile,
in the torch song
of her soul,

that Carlos

never had a chance.




Heartache haiku.


When lovers end, it
is because what comforts one
strangles the other.


Celebrity birthday haiku.


I share a birthday
with a famous actress, she
has beautiful teeth.


Mango Street haiku.

Orange and reds and green,
the street smells like cilantro,
“Make Tacos, Not War.”




Water signs.

At the swimming pool
at our apartment complex,
there is a fountain,
and the fountain
empties into the pool
from the edge of the pool
like a mini-Niagara Falls,
and as I am waiting
for the painkillers
to kick-in to soften
the leg-ache of
my middle-
aged knee-
I will
the edge of the pool,
and let the curtain of the
water fall down across
my face and hands,
when it’s 103,
in South Texas,
in late August,
this is sometimes
better than sex or

and today, as I was
doing this, I noticed
a hornet
doing the same
damn thing,
the pool water
splitting past his
face and wings as
he hung off the edge,
and took a sip every
now and then through
his twitching
but mostly, he
was just
cooling-off like

me, and as we

hung there,
the hornet and me,
chilling at the pool for
twenty minutes or so,
I realized that

life is life is life on
Planet Earth,

and it don’t really
matter much if you got
a big ol’ white mammalian
beer belly or a yellow
and black
you and me,

under the right

could party all night
long together,

and that is why

I believe in God.



Copyright 2017 by Sean Rima.


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