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Poem for a ham sandwich.

Sometimes, when it’s late at night, and
the moon is pouring in through the
windows and coating the room
in blue,
all I need
and all I want
in this life
is a ham sandwich
with honey mustard and onions,
because at the moment that you want it,
the mere wanting of it
is all that you are, and
I find that most
liberating, so the next time you
find yourself in the kitchen,
standing in the white light of
the refrigerator door, buck-
naked with a hard-on, deep into
the lunchmeat on a lonely
Saturday night,
try to think
religious thoughts
as you are sliding the butter knife
engorged with mustard
across the milky white thighs
of a slice of Wonder Bread, and as you
lay a glistening fold of ham into
the silky sweetness of a bed of onions,
remember, God made you to love,
so love that sandwich
and everything else
with all that you are and they’ll
send you up to Heaven someday and
I hear the sushi is great.



Words of advice for my daughter
on her fourteenth birthday.

Just be.
Be yourself.
Be a weirdo.
Be an artist.
Beware of people
who put you down or
criticize everything you do,
they’re just boring and insecure.
Brush your teeth, floss, and
use antiseptic mouthwash,
every day, you’ll thank me later.
Learn to handle money, learn
to save and invest and not
blow it like a dumbass, you’ll
thank me for that, too.
Don’t smoke.
Don’t get into drugs, it just
messes with your ability to
appreciate things.
Don’t drink and drive, you’ll
kill somebody someday,
maybe yourself.
Read books.
Keep reading books, and
not digitalized crap on your
computer, but an actual book
in your hands, because some
son of a bitch went through a
lot of pain and suffering
to put that thing
together, and,
a book can never
be accidentally
Dance in the rain.
Sing out loud, at the top
of your lungs, especially
when people
least expect it.
Eat good food.
Eat junk food, too.
Take pride in the ability to
make people laugh, nine times
out of ten, you’re the best
part of their day, and they’ll
remember you forever
for the gift of it.
Check your oil, coolant,
and window washer fluid.
Learn how to change
a tire by yourself.
Don’t worry about
fame, worry more
about doing something
interesting that makes you
famous as a side effect,
and even then, don’t
worry about fame.
Find your happy place,
sign a lease, and live
there forever.
Find your bliss.
Find the one thing
that makes you happier
than anything else and do it
more than anything else.
Devote your life to it.
Trust me
on that one.
Don’t let other
people define you.
Define yourself.
Don’t obsess on
material things or
money or praise, that
bullshit comes and goes.
Don’t be trendy, trendy
is what boring people do.
Be your own trend.
Fall in love, again
and again
and again, but
never too quickly.
Don’t marry for money.
Don’t let a man hit you,

and if he does, call me.

I’ll take care of it.

Do your own laundry.
Make your own bed, every
day, and wash the sheets.
Keep your place neat, but
not so neat that it bothers
you, or besets your mind to
the point where you are
unable to enjoy
your solitude.
Watch TV, but not
too much, because no
one, on their death bed,
ever said, “I wish
I’d watched
more TV.”

Love your friends.
Spend time with your friends.
Do cool stuff for your friends.
Keep your promises to your
friends, and be honest with
them, even when it
sucks for you,
especially then.
Cut your friends loose
if they don’t do the same

for you.

Travel, see the world.
It’s a big, beautiful place.
Take time off from work now
and then, fill your gas tank,
or buy an airplane ticket,
and go someplace
you’ve never been.
Have adventures.
See new things.
Meet new people.

Call your mom and dad,
especially when we’re old,
we sit and wait for it.

Be a good person.
Treat people well.

Believe in God, he’s there.
Pray and meditate.
Talk to him.

Make good art.
Learn your craft.
Be disciplined.

Be an artist.
Be a weirdo.
Be yourself.

Just be.

Be happy and well,
my precious daughter,
and don’t worry about me,
or my good opinion, you’ve

already made me

the proudest dad

in the whole wide world

just by being you.




Copyright 2017 by Sean Rima.




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