Cornyn Backs GOP Health Care Plan

A stamp of approval from the Senate’s Number Two Republican for the controversial plan for replacing the Affordable Care Act are Act.

“The bill known as the American Health Care Act represents the next step forward in keeping our promise to repeal and replace Obamacare” Senator John Cornyn said on the U.S. Senate Floor Wednesday.

The Senator said he’s especially pleased with the bill’s proposed changes to Medicaid in particular.

“I believe actually the American Health Care Act is the most significant entitlement reform in decades” Cornyn said.

Cornyn said the plan represents the follow-thorough voters were looking for when they went to the polls back in November.

“The American Health Care Act is an answer to a promise that we made–and we have made repetitively in the last three elections since Obamacare became the law of the land… and I think it’s imperative that we keep our promise” Senator Cornyn said.

Still, the Senator acknowledged there are a lot of different ideas about what to do when it comes to health care–including those Republicans who don’t like what they see in the proposed replacement.

“We can either keep the status quo–which is in meltdown–which is Obamacare–or, we can pass legislation which offers more choices at affordable prices to the American People” Cornyn said.



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