Cornyn Confident Federal Shutdown Will Be Avoided

With a bruising fight over new Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch now behind us–will the next looming Senate showdown result in a federal government shutdown at the end of April?

“There’s not going to be a shutdown” Senator John Cornyn told Fox News Sunday.

Still, the Senate’s Number Two Republican said the debate over proposed cuts to a number of domestic programs, as well as funding for the building of a planned wall along the Southern Border will require work from both sides to find agreement.

“I think this is a test for the new Democratic Leader… Senator Chuck Schumer… as well as the Administration… they’re going to be the ones ultimately who negotiate this” Cornyn said.

In the end though, Cornyn is confident a deal can be reached–even with Congress taking a two week break, which leaves little time to find an agreement before the clock runs out.

“I’m confident that we’ll come up with something that everybody can live with” Cornyn said.



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