Cornyn Presses Obama on Terror Bill

Some tough talk from the Senate’s Number Two Republican as President Barack Obama arrives in Saudi Arabia.

“We should use every means available to prevent the funding of terrorism, and the victims of terrorism in our country should be able to seek justice from people who do” Senator John Cornyn said, voicing his frustration over the President’s opposition to a proposed law that would allow victims of the September 11th Attacks to sue Saudi Arabia for any role it may have played.

“(The law) is also important because it would help the victims of the 9/11 Attacks achieve closure from this horrific tragedy” Cornyn said, pointing out the measure enjoys bi-partisan support in the Senate.

“I wish the President and his aides would spend as much time and energy working with us… in a bi-partisan manner as they have working against us… trying to prevent victims of terrorism seeking the justice they deserve” Cornyn said.



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