Cornyn Presses for “Special Counsel” to Investigate Clinton

It’s the scandal that never seems to go away.

Amid the continuing flap over Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, the Senate’s Number Two Republican has two words for putting it all behind us once and for all: Special Counsel.

“That would I think do the most to clear the air and to alleviate justifiable concerns that this is just about politics and not the rule of law” Senator John Cornyn told KTSA’s Jack Riccardi.

“As we’ve seen with this Justice Department… first under Eric Holder, now under Loretta Lynch… they’re more involved in politics than they are the impartial administration of the law” Cornyn added.

The Senator said Congress will also be ready to do it’s part in the investigation after the Election–no matter who wins the White House.

“Congress will have a very important role in terms of oversight… conducting hearings, making sure that if there are corrections or changes in the law we need to make… we can do that” Cornyn said.

Either way, the Senator said Hillary Clinton has no one to blame but herself for her continuing troubles.

“By trying to do what the Clintons always seem to do–which is to try to apply a different set of rules to themselves than apply to the rest of us” Cornnyn said.


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