Cornyn Shows Support for Sessions

Donald Trump’s nominee to be the United States Attorney General gets “thumbs up” from the Senate’s Number Two Republican during a Judiciary Committee hearing.

“We know what kind of person you are… you’re a good and decent and honorable man” Senator John Cornyn told colleague Jeff Sessions during Tuesday’s hearing.

Cornyn pointed specifically at the criticism Sessions has been getting over what is now a controversial voting rights case in his native Alabama.

“When they leave out the fact the very complainants on that case were also African-Americans. In other words, the people you prosecuted were African-Americans–but, the people whose voting rights you were trying to vindicate were African-Americans… isn’t that correct?” Cornyn asked Sessions, who replied “That is correct.”

Cornyn admitted Sessions and his Senate colleagues do have some differences of opinion when it comes to policy.

“That does not characterize your entire record of twenty years in the United States Senate–or, how you’ve conducted yourself as a prosecutor” Cornyn said.

Senator Ted Cruz is also on record in supporting Sessions’ nomination.

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