Cornyn Out With Terror Gun Plan

The Senate’s Number Two Republican believes he has the answer to help prevent more attacks such as what happened in Orlando over the weekend.

Senator John Cornyn is out with a plan he insisted will help keep terrorists from buying guns in the Untied States–while at the same time protecting constitutional rights.

“Sadly, our friends on the other side of the aisle have seen this as an opportunity to make this a political debate about gun control” Cornyn said on the Floor of the U.S. Senate Thursday, before describing his “Shield Act.”

“It may have provided the law enforcement agencies–like the FBI–the tools they needed in order to identify someone like the Orlando Shooter beforehand–and take them off the streets” Cornyn said.

The Shield Act would delay by up to three business days the sale of a gun to anyone who has been part of a terror investigation over the last five years. Law enforcement could then use that delay to take further action if necessary.

“It would not only stop terrorists from getting guns–but, it would take them off the streets–and, it would do so in a way that’s consistent with our Constitution” Cornyn said.

The Senator introduced a similar plan late last year.


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