Council Approves Budget

The City of San Antonio officially has a budget for the coming fiscal year.

“The proposed budget of $2.5 billion is balanced… there is no property tax rate increase included within the budget proposal” City Manager Sheryl Sculley told Council ahead of the vote, adding “We have added more funding for streets and sidewalk construction… as well as additional police officers.”

“It always is a big job to try to balance the variety of needs that sometimes feel they are competing” Mayor Ivy Taylor said, expressing her satisfaction with the plan.

Councilman Mike Gallagher agreed.

“This was really tough, it really was because I think everyone of us has our special projects, things we really want to get done. But, we can’t put all of the money in to them because there are so many other needs in the City” Gallagher said.

“This really is a great testament to what we can do in San Antonio when we all come together” Councilman Alan Warrick said.

Also part of the plan is a bump up in the minimum wage for City workers to $13.75 per hour–drawing praise from activists.

“We want to commend you for taking another step towards a living wage for the lowest paid employees” Minerva Cruz with COPS/Metro told the Council, while at the same time pushing for a clear path to a $15 per hour minimum within the next three years.

“We want workers to have one good paying job–not several bad ones” Cruz said.


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