Council Approves Southside Annexation Plan

The City of San Antonio will officially grow by about twenty miles to start the new year.

It’s all the result of a final annexation vote taken by City Council early Thursday Afternoon.

“The majority of this area–close to twenty miles–was placed in to a limited purpose annexation status about three years ago” the City’s Peter Zanoni told Council just ahead of the vote, describing those tracts of land on the Southside that are included as part of the annexation plan.

“Backers, including Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran–said the move will allow the City to better control how it grows in the years ahead.

“This–and this annexation allows us to control our destiny,, to manage our growth, and to do what we can for our City… leveraging as much as we can” Viagran said, adding the City has already been delivering on promises made during the study period.

“The City has already been delivering on those promises with the fire station and the other actions as well as the City staff and Planning Department” Viagran said.


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