Council Committee to be Briefed on Air Quality

San Antonio’s air quality will be a big topic of conversation at City Hall Wednesday–amid continuing fears the Alamo City will soon fall out of compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s clean air standards.

“It’s deeply concerning because we know restrictions and sanctions are coming from the federal government” Councilman Ron Nirenberg told KTSA News, ahead of the briefing a City Council committee will receive.

Nirenberg said part of the solution to the problem is easy enough to see.

“It’s things that we’re already doing–such as the adoption of cleaner energy technologies” Nirenberg said, also pointing to the need for continued conservation efforts made by all of us.

On the other hand though, Nirenberg said part of fixing the problem isn’t as easy.

“The traffic jam on the corner… the traffic jams on the highways are as much a contributor to our air issues as anything else” Nirenberg said.

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