Council Members Want Confederate Monument Removed

Councilmen Roberto Trevino (D1) and Cruz Shaw (D2) want a Confederate monument removed from Travis Park.

Trevino says it’s all about creating a park that is “inclusive” and which represents the “evolution of the city today.”

Neither provided research to back their claim the monument is dividing the city and causing emotional pain to those who see it.

Additionally, Shaw provided no evidence to back his claim that people celebrate slavery when they gaze upon the monument.

Shaw also says the monument re-enacts slavery, and people being lesser than others.

This move to get rid of any signs of the Confederacy began in Bexar county in July 2015 when County Judge Nelson Wolff ordered the removal of plaques memorializing Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis. Calling the plaques “symbols of hate” the Judge had them permanently removed.

Now Shaw and Trevino want the monument in Travis Park removed to make room for more “public art” and “amenities.”

On July 4th, Black Lives Matter activists held a protest calling for the immediate removal of the monument from Travis Park. Trevino and Shaw are apparently responding to their demands.

Where or when are questions left unanswered.

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