Council Says “No” to Bottled Water

By Don Morgan

Banning the bottle at B session.

City Councilmembers found something a little different when they met up at the Municipal Plaza Building Wednesday.

Instead of wetting their whistles with the usual bottled water, they will be drinking tap water from a reusable metal bottle.

The request for the new bottles came from City Councilwoman Ana Sandoval. She says the reusable bottles will save money and it’s better for the environment.

She released a statement that reads “We want Council to stay hydrated in a way that doesn’t waste tax dollars on something we can get from the tap.”

Each Councilmember got a bottle engraved with their name and city logo plus a drinking glass that has each district number etched into it.

Sandoval’s release states the average American consumed 167 disposable bottles of water last year but recycled less than 25 percent of their bottles.


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