Councilman Creates Homelessness/Panhandling Task Force

By Elizabeth Ruiz

Panhandlers… you see them going from car to car at busy intersections all across the city of San Antonio.

“It’s not just affecting traffic and safety out there. It’s also affecting our businesses,” said City
Councilman Clayton Perry.

He told the Trey Ware morning show on KTSA he’s forming a task force to look for a solution to the homelessness and panhandling problems, which also are affecting neighborhoods.

“You have vacant houses and some of these individuals are moving in and creating problems there, too,” said Perry

The task force is comprised of faith-based groups, non-profit organizations and police officers.

“We want to first focus on the homeless and reach out to those folks who are really down on their luck and help them out, but we’re also going to be taking a look at the panhandling situation,” Perry said.


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